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welcome to fourensix.

10.06.214 - the presale of our first model is getting close. stay tuned on this page or even better, subscribe to your mailing list, to get a head start to your fellow sneaker heads.

06.06.2014 - we love shoes. yes, we looooooove shoes. that's why we are presenting you with the footgear of the future. shoes that are so hard on the edge, that we needed surgical accuracy when designing them. this summer we get things rolling with out first model: the fourensix 2014 degrees fahrenheit. crafted in italy, the birthplace of the finest foot gear known to man, this model is about to become your outfits closest friend. no matter if you are about to rock your skateboard/longboard/snakeboard, hit the basketball court, about to crash the club scene or just chilling with your buddies, this shoe will stay by your side, be your extra buddie and your wingman/wingwoman wherever you go or stay.
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